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How do I get to Hondalea?

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You need to get to Santa Clara Island. You can use the motorboat service ( ) or you can go on your own.


Frequently asked questions

Is it cost-free to visit Hondalea?

Yes, the reservation to Hondalea is free of charge, and you will not need to get a reservation on line. There is, however, the option of taking guided and group visits, the prices and details of which are indicated on the “Visits” section of the Website The motorboat service is for a fee (

Is it possible to take guided tours?

Yes, these are guided tours which last approximately 2 hours and include a transfer by motorboat, a guided tour of different areas of the island and access to Hondalea. Information can be obtained and reservations made through the website: Languages: Basque, Spanish, English and French.

Can guided tours be organized for school, social or educational groups?

Yes, there is a specific program for these types of groups, with specific contents and educational objectives. Information can be obtained and reservations made through the website: Languages: Basque, Spanish.

Is there an itinerary inside the Hondalea space?

No. The visit can be made at one's own pace.

How can I book online?

Unlike initially, now it is not necessary to reserve the visit in advance; Yes, it is essential to purchase the boat ticket.

Is Hondalea open all year round and when can I visit?

No. In 2024 it will be open during Holy Week and Easter Week, and in summer (the specific dates will be published promptly).

Can the visit to Hondalea be cancelled?

In case of adverse weather conditions, the motorboat service will be suspended and the visits to Hondalea will be cancelled. In that case, you will be informed through the usual channels (social media, etc.) as far in advance as possible.

How long does it take to visit Hondalea?

Approximately 20 minutes.

How long does it take to get to Hondalea from the port of San Sebastian?

The trip by motorboat from the port of San Sebastian takes approximately 10 minutes, and then it takes about 15 minutes to get to Hondalea. Visitors are therefore advised to leave the port at least an hour before the start of the visit.

Is it possible to take photographs of the interior or record videos?


Can anyone visit Hondalea?

Yes, there is no age limit. Access to Hondalea is via the cobblestone ways and natural paths; it is therefore not recommended for persons with reduced mobility.

Is it possible to access Hondalea shirtless or barefoot?

No. Out of respect for the work and fellow visitors, you are not allowed to move around within Hondalea shirtless or barefoot.

Is any special equipment necessary for the visit?

No equipment is necessary to access the interior of the Hondalea space, although as access is through natural space, suitable footwear and comfortable clothes are recommended.

Is it allowed to eat or drink inside the Hondalea area?

It is not allowed, but Santa Klara Island has different areas where visitors can picnic.

Can objects that fall into the sculpture be recovered?

Not immediately. In the event of objects falling, you must inform the person in charge of the installation. During your stay in Hondalea, visitors are asked to closely watch personal items and belongings.

Are dogs, cats or pets allowed during the visit to Hondalea?

No, animals are not allowed on Santa Klara Island.

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