La obra


The work

Excavated inside the hollowed-out lighthouse, Iglesias's work incorporates the peculiar geology and ecology of the Basque coast and the wild waters of the ocean that surround the island.

The work of Cristina Iglesias contributes a renewed conception of the sculpture practice. Her search for poetic and symbolic compromise between works and space, is always materialised in an aesthetic, visual and dynamic display.

Cristina Iglesias, form her own sculptural language, intervenes, and transforms a remote place converting it into a symbol for the defence of ecological causes and environmental conservation.

It is important to underline the importance of the sculptor’s intention when creating this work. With it, the artist wants to bring value to a public space by means of a controlled incursion, likewise offering, a different perspective of the city. On the other hand, her intervention evokes the idea of art as a refuge, as a meeting place, an idea always present in the work of Cristina Iglesias.

The work of Cristina Iglesias will consolidate the value of the coastal region of the city. It aims to convert an iconic place of the city and transform it into a space for reflection and communication with the city and the sea. This new situation is conducive to the development and organisation of educational and artistic activities (workshops, conferences, presentations, encounters, etc.) that revolve around different artistic manifestations, as well as around sustainability, the environment, and care of the seas and oceans.


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